Rebecca, 14. Ukrainian born in Israel living in Russia. Generally a happy person though a cry baby. Slightly bipolar. Love Pokemon and music. The 69 Eyes are my favourite band. Green and yellow are my favourite colors. Brown, pink and blue are least favourite. Really picky with food. Love bananas and chips. I eat every single fruit unless I have never tried it before. I love nature and animals. Cherry blossom trees are amazing. Sand cats are my favourite animals. I love the smell of rain. I generally love rain, though I prefer the sun. I don't let go of my childhood. Everything I liked in the past I still like. I love hot chocolate and tea. I've lived in 14 apartments. I love my life. I'm scared of death, bees and heights. I hate sleeping alone. I draw quite often. I wont be mean to anyone unless they give me a good reason to be. I'm strongly against drugs, smoking, alcohol, sex, etc. I'm quite shy but I love to speak my mind. I move on really fast. Though I have never been through anything difficult. Not in my opinion at least. I love my mother. I wish I could fit in with men rather than women. I've always been more found of men. I always start arguments over nothing. It can be quite annoying. I'm a strong agnostic. I'm a very jealous person. I regret nothing. I love anime and manga. Pandora Hearts is my favourite and yeah.
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Forever taken by Justin Lake <3